Sunday, February 27, 2011

Home Again

Thank you all for praying for health, safety and God's direction on our trip.  Dave and I arrived back in Billings last Sunday at about 11:30 pm.   After being in the "system" for 36 hours we were both pretty exhausted and ready for a warm shower and a comfortable pillow.  Sleeping on the flights or in the terminals just didn't seem to meet our bodies need for rest.  We were greeted by a nice Arctic Blast as we left the airport to go home, it was all of 1 deg. outside, a far cry from what we were accustomed to in Ethiopia, 75 and sunny everyday.  Quite the shocker.  

Our work continues here as we try to decipher what God was showing us on our trip.  The need is endless in Ethiopia, we just want to be diligent to God's leading in the ministry of Ethiopia Hope and use His resources that He has blessed us with to make a tangible difference in a church in Ethiopia.  So your continued prayers for direction are greatly appreciated, as it is still unclear in our minds where our primary focus of ministry in Ethiopia should be.  We have wonderful friendships with two different churches, who are doing great things for God's kingdom in Ethiopia, each in their own ways.   It is truly a blessing to be a part of either one of their ministries.  

Stay tuned for more announcements at Harvest, and in the weekly for future trips to Ethiopia.   Here are some pics that might tug at your heart strings.  Some of these are from the Compassion project in Modjo, which provides resources for your sponsored children.  Enjoy!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Back to Addis

Yesterday we met with the officials for Bright Hope School and visited the school project.  They are beginning the last phase of the wall, and have started the second phase of the garden.  In the first phase of the garden they are beginning the second growing season, and rotation of crops.  It has been a successful first harvest.  They are use the proceeds from the sale of the produce and eggs to help supplement a lunch program for some of the neediest children who attend the school.  They are also using their resources to provide extra food and some treatment for the children with HIV.  These children get an additional boiled eggs each week from the chicken farm that the school is running.  This program has been a huge success as they are currently getting about 9500 eggs per month from 370 chickens.  They are doing as much as they can to help the children succeed in the classroom. 

Today we visited Acacia Village, and were given an extensive tour of the facilities, from Micheal Arrowood, one of CWA's staff members from the North Carolina office.  He has been living here in Addis for a while doing some quality control on the facilities.  It was a good visit and the building is beautiful.  Most of the children were napping while we were there so we didn't see any children, which was unfortunate. 

Dave and I are winding down our time in Addis.  We have learned a lot about the various programs that Harvest has been a part of over the past two years.  God is doing some great things in Ethiopia and were are meerly blessed to be apart of his work in this country.  God is really moving in this place.  Everywhere we have been there is some much need but it has been clear that God is working in everywhere.  Thanks for all of your prayers for this trip. 

 Aaron and Dave

Monday, February 14, 2011


Dave and I are currently in Modjo, visiting the Modjo Mesurite Christo Church and their Compassion programs.  One of the programs we visited today was their Child Survivor-ship Program.  They explained the what they are doing for the families with children up to 3 years of age.  This program gives assistance and training to the mothers as well as food, and medical supplies.  We met all 35 mothers who are part of the CS Program this morning at the Church for a coffee ceremony.  The welcome we have received at Modjo has been amazing.  The Child Survivor-ship Program is making a real difference in this community.   They have 15 more openings in the churches program,  so it would be really neat if Harvest could support 15 more families in this community.  The resources in this program are shared by all the families in the program.  It doesn't just change a child's life it helps the whole family, mother and father included.  Today we also were privileged to see two daughter churches that have been started in the rural areas around Modjo.  At one of the churches the farmer who owned the land gave it to the church in response to what God had done in his life.  He had been sick for years, without a cure from the local medical professionals.  His wife began praying for healing, after she started praying and attending the church her husband was cured from his sickness.  And because of his life change they gave half of their land to the church to start a rural daughter church.  They have witness many life changes in their neighbors, as about 30 people have given their lives to Christ as a result of this man's testimony.  This is truly an example of the power of a life changed by the Holy Spirit.  Tomorrow we have a meeting with the church elders and some of the Compassion Staff, to discuss some of the church's vision and future plans.  And then it is back to Addis to continue the last portion of the trip. 

Thanks for the prayers as we see where God is directing us with our Church here in Modjo!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Long plane rides, long chats and 24 hours later...

Dave Ulrichs and Aaron Koenigsberg are traveling to Addis Ababa, arriving on Feb 9th. Please pray for them as they meet with ministries in the Korah  District and go to Modjo to visit our partner church. May the Lord be go ahead of them to meet people that will direct us in the path we should be going down with our Humanitarian ministry of Ethiopia Hope.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Evidence of your contributions.

We recently received pictures from Bright Hope School in Addas Ababa showing the very exciting first harvest of the vegetables and eggs. These represent the ornaments that you purchased at Christmas. In less than a year you have greatly impacted this school, the children who attend the school and the surrounding community. Amesegenalew!!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Korah Distrcit Video

Here is a link to a video that was made to help bring awareness to the needs of the people in the Korah District. Our friend Sammy tells a little bit about his story and the people that Great Hope Church are reaching with the gospel

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Progress at Bright Hope School

The Chickens have finally arrived and the gardens are looking great.  Here are some updated pics from the school.   They will soon have eggs filling the egg laying stations and vegetables for the children when they come back to school this fall. 

Vegetable Garden
Egg Laying Hens
Egg Laying Stations
Vegetable Gardens